The Most Commonly Asked Smile Makeover Questions

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Which Type of Dentist Places Dental Implants?

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Are Dental Implants Possible After Bone Loss?

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What to Expect After Tooth Extractions

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Why We Are the Number One Emergency Dentist in the Area

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Why Stay Awake When You Can Try Sleep Dentistry?

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The New Plan for Wisdom Teeth

Did you know that wisdom teeth used to play an important role in your survival? Even a couple hundred years ago, your wisdom teeth could have meant the difference between being able to chew food or not. This is not … Continued

Why We Perform Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are sometimes required when a tooth has become too damaged and is no longer functional. While it is true that your permanent teeth are designed to be permanent, there are a number of conditions that can occur that … Continued

Reasons to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed Using Oral Surgery

There are many reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed using oral surgery and very few reasons to allow them to grow in. We can provide you with a comfortable, successful, and problem-free surgery to remove wisdom teeth for good … Continued

I Need an Emergency Dentist Near Me – Can You Help?

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