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Dentist checking the denture
Are you looking for some information on dentures and how they can help to improve your oral health? When you are missing multiple teeth, it is highly likely that you are going to experience oral problems on a regular basis. The design of your mouth is one that works with a full set of teeth. When you are missing many of your teeth, then your mouth is not able to work as efficiently as it should. Over time, your oral health will continue to worsen until you seek professional dental assistance.

Signs That Make Getting Dentures a Real Possibility

According to the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, almost 38 million adults living in the United States are going to need to get dentures by the year 2020. Dentures are a standard solution to a missing multiple teeth problem.

The following is a list of signs that someone may be in need of dentures to improve their overall oral health.

Sign #1 – Gum problems. Anytime gums are bleeding, swollen or tender, it means that there is something wrong. Addressing gum problems promptly is essential, as this can quickly lead to a gum disease diagnosis if the issue is not fixed immediately.

Sign #2 – Pain when chewing. Experiencing pain when chewing food is a definite sign that something is wrong with the teeth. Anytime someone experiences pain when chewing food, making a dental appointment as soon as entirely possible is necessary.

Sign #3 – Loose teeth. Once teeth are loose, many additional oral problems are going to follow soon. Loose teeth will eventually lead to their breaking or cracking. Broken teeth leave people much more vulnerable to gum disease, making it essential to have broken teeth fixed quickly to avoid additional oral problems.

Sign #4 – Indigestion problems. Not chewing food properly has a tendency to cause ongoing indigestion issues. Food needs to be chewed up enough so that the stomach can properly digest it, which can be difficult for those suffering from oral matters to do.

Have Any Denture-Related Questions You Need to Be Answered?

Because you are looking for information on dentures, we invite you to call us today with any denture-related questions that you may have. When your oral health is not as good as it should be, it is essential for you to find out all of your available solutions so you can choose the one that works best for you. Know that there are many different types of dentures available nowadays. This aspect means that you and one of our experienced dentists can discuss these different types, ultimately choosing the type of denture that is going to meet your particular oral needs. Ready to improve your oral health?

Contact us today so we can begin guiding you in making the best decision for your oral health and denture needs. We are always prepared to give you more information so you can make an informed and well thought out decision.

Call 813-373-4573 today to reach Beltran Dental Surgery.