5 Reasons to Choose Hybrid Dentures

Wondering if you should choose hybrid dentures because you are missing multiple teeth? If you are someone who happens to be missing teeth, then it is necessary for you to find a tooth replacement option. A healthy mouth is one that has a full set of teeth, and when you do not have a full set of teeth, you will experience various types of oral issues sooner or later. There are a few tooth replacement options available nowadays, e.g., various types of dentures, dental implants, bridges. It is recommended that you make an appointment with an experienced dentist so that you can understand which of these options is going to work ideally for you and your particular situation.

What is a hybrid denture?

A hybrid denture is also commonly called a fixed removable denture. This denture choice is quite popular nowadays, as it allows someone to wear the traditional dentures they want but offers a way for them to wear the dentures without having to worry about them not staying properly in place. How are these traditional dentures kept securely in their place? This is achieved using strategically placed dental implants. This makes hybrid dentures a great choice for those who are not able to have a full mouth of individual dental implants, which is usually due to their not having enough jawbone.

Five reasons to choose hybrid dentures

#1 – They support jawbone health

Dental implants are directly inserted into the jawbone, which helps to stabilize the bone tissue as well as minimize any changes that can occur to the face during jawbone loss.

#2 – They stay in place

Because hybrid dentures are connected to dental implants, it is not possible for them to move and shift around, giving wearers the confidence they want when needing to wear dentures.

#3 – There is no need for dental adhesive

Because hybrid dentures are kept in place using dental implants, there is no need to use any dental adhesives to make the dentures stay in place.

#4 – They allow for natural chewing

Because hybrid dentures stay in place, wearers can eat anything they want without worrying about the effect it will have on their dentures.

#5 – They support natural talking

Because hybrid dentures are specifically made for each individual patient, they allow wearers to naturally talk, just like they used to before losing many of their teeth.

Ready to take care of your missing teeth problem?

If after reading the above you think hybrid dentures are going to be the right choice for you, we invite you to contact us now so we can schedule you in for a consultation appointment. This way, you can find out exactly what your options are going to be, as well as what you need to do in order to make it happen. We have a caring team of dental professionals who truly care about all of our patients and are more than willing and ready to assist you with your dental needs. If you have a question about your tooth replacement options, know that you can call us at your earliest convenience so we can provide you with the answer you need. We are here for you!

Request an appointment here: https://www.beltrandentalsurgery.com or call Beltran Dental Surgery at (813) 430-0930 for an appointment in our Temple Terrace office.

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