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Young girl smiling at the dentist clinic
When you are missing multiple teeth it negatively affects your overall oral health and bone graft can help solve this. This fact makes it essential for you to find a tooth replacement option as soon as possible, as a healthy mouth is one that includes a full set of teeth.

One of the more popular replacement options that dental patients are choosing nowadays is that of dental implants. Implants are a permanent replacement option that not only looks very natural, but they also act just like a natural tooth does, however, the use of a bone graft is likely necessary when dental implants are chosen.

About Dental Implants

As soon as you lose an adult tooth, the jawbone in that area begins to deteriorate as it is no longer being stimulated. The fact that implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone allows the jawbone to once again be stimulated, increasing overall good oral health. While other tooth replacement options are available, like bridges and dentures, they do not provide the benefit of jawbone stimulation. However, jawbone stimulation also heavily relies on the use of a bone graft in conjunction with dental implants.

About Bone Grafts

Bone grafts are available for patients who do not have a sufficient amount of jaw bone for the implant to properly take hold. Bone grafting requires dental patients to undergo a minor surgical procedure in order to add more bone to their jaw. This bone is made using special grafting materials, which can come from the patient themselves, from a donor or created in a laboratory. Once the grafting materials are inserted, the body will begin to create new bone cells that lead to a sufficient amount of jawbone for the implants to be placed.

No matter what the reason, when someone is missing one or more of their teeth it will eventually cause them to experience oral problems. Because tooth decay is the main reason for tooth loss, when someone is interested in getting dental implants to replace their lost teeth due to decay, they will first need to understand that bone grafting may be required before being approved for the dental implant process. A bone graft is a great way to stimulate the jaw while also helping the implant process to go smoother.

Need to Make a Consultation Appointment?

Are you currently in need of a bone graft so that you can have dental implants placed in your mouth? Whether you already know you are suffering from jawbone loss or need a consultation appointment to find out more information about your current oral situation, we can help you.

While the bone grating process does require oral surgery, the procedure is minor. It will take many weeks for you to completely heal, which is necessary before you are able to have your dental implants placed in your mouth. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of having a full set of teeth

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