A Full Mouth Reconstruction Eliminates Chewing Pain

Are you thinking that you may need full mouth reconstruction? When you have multiple teeth that are in need of repair, then a reconstruction of your whole mouth is worth the time of researching and looking in to. Your damaged teeth need to be fixed for you not to experience any pain while eating and completing typical daily tasks. This aspect makes finding out which of the available dental services that will fit your particular needs essential to your oral health. With today’s advances in modern dentistry options, you can feel confident in finding a dental solution that will eliminate any pain you are experiencing when chewing food.

What exactly does a full reconstruction of the mouth mean?

A full reconstruction of the mouth means that multiple dental services are needed in order to improve a patient's overall oral health. It means that a patient is experiencing so many dental problems that it is necessary to provide them with a full reconstruction of their mouth. This option allows them to have an entirely new set of teeth so that they can once again perform their everyday functions, like eating, without experiencing any type of pain.

Common reasons for getting a full mouth reconstruction

Some of the more common reasons why someone is in need of a complete reconstruction of their mouth include having four or more damaged teeth that are in need of repair. These issues also include having multiple teeth in which the enamel has eroded, having difficulty when chewing food or biting down, experiencing problems when speaking, experiencing difficulty when it comes to wearing dentures, and suffering from extreme jaw bone loss.

Full mouth reconstruction procedure examples

Many different procedures can be used when performing a full reconstruction of the mouth. It all depends on the patient's particular needs which will ultimately determine which of the methods will be used. A list of some of the more common reconstruction procedures used when reconstructing the mouth includes using dental implants, dental bridgework and upgrading metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings.

Have any questions about tooth repair?

If you have any questions about how a full mouth reconstruction can help you or any general questions about tooth repair, please do not hesitate to contact us when you have a few moments to spare. We are always available to answer any questions people have about their oral health, as we believe the more you know, the better you will be able to take good care of your oral needs. Since you are looking into your full mouth reconstruction options because it hurts when you chew food, it is essential that you choose a solution as quickly as possible.

We are always ready to help guide you and give you the most information possible so that you can make an informed decision about your mouth needs. Contact us today and let us ease the worry and take steps to improve your mouth and relieve any issues you may be experiencing. 

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