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Elderly man holding his teeth because of teeth pain
As an emergency dentist, we understand that it is impossible to control when you will have a dental emergency. Even those who are fastidious about oral health can still end up in a car wreck, hurt while playing sports, slip and fall down, etc., all of which can lead to a damaged tooth and dental emergency. In fact, according to the National Fall Safety Institute slip and falls account for 9 million trips to the emergency room every year. With that in mind, you truly never know when you may need emergency dental care. Fortunately, we are here when you do. Regardless of how you hurt yourself or how damaged your teeth are, give us a call. If we do not answer, we will get back to you right away so that you can receive the dental care that you need.

Solutions Offered by an Emergency Dentist

As an emergency dentist, we offer extended hours that are far beyond what you can find with a traditional dentist. Many local dentists restrict their hours of operation to Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm. While this works for many people, it can make it difficult for those with busy work schedules or a dental emergency to get the care that they need. As a result, many people seek dental care from the emergency room of a local hospital. This is unwise because general physicians are not trained in how to diagnose or treat dental problems. They can triage the problem and provide medication, but that’s it. This leads to repeat visits because the health issue is never actually addressed. When you visit our dental office, your experience will be entirely different. Even though we are available 24 hours a day, we still provide the same comprehensive dental care that you can receive during normal business hours. This means that we can examine your teeth, take x-rays, diagnose the problem and provide you with immediate care. If you have lost a tooth, we can try to save it or provide you with a denture, dental bridge, or dental implant as a replacement solution. Finally, if your tooth is infected, we can typically save it by performing a root canal.

When you visit our dental office, you can be confident knowing that you will receive the highest quality of dental care from a team of experts. We are equipped to handle whatever your dental needs may be.

Tips for Staying Healthy

If you want to decrease the chance that you will ever need an emergency dentist, it is important to take care of your teeth and gums. While you cannot prevent most accidents, if you play sports you can decrease your risk of getting injured. We recommend that you wear a mouthguard while playing or practicing sports so that your teeth will not be damaged if hit. Simultaneously, if you receive ongoing dental care, the chance of you developing a sudden toothache will also be reduced.