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Dentist treating the patient

As an emergency dentist, we have an established protocol for dealing with situations as they arise. This allows us to follow a set procedure and get a better understanding of what your emergency is before you ever have to leave you home. There are a lot of reasons why people come into our office for emergency help. When you call in with, what you believe is, a dental emergency we will take the time on the phone to get a real understanding of your situation so that we can advise you as to what the best course of action is. Often patients that call in with a dental emergency, have an emotional response to the pain they are feeling, making it imperative that we understand the scope of your situation before having you come in to see us. An emergency dentist visit is never a pleasant circumstance. Usually, there is some kind of situation that causes someone a great deal of pain and forces them to seek medical attention. Sometimes this is a tooth that has gotten infected, or sometimes it is as a result of an accident while playing sports or other activities. We always advise patients to make sure to have someone present, whenever possible, after the accident. This is because when a person is injured they may not be thinking clearly and could need someone to help explain the circumstances surrounding the accident. Also, a friend can take down notes and help you to follow the instructions that we may give you over the phone. Finally, do not drive if you are in too much pain but have your friend drive you instead. Being prepared to answer a few questions is important. We understand that you may be in distress, and our emergency dentist office staff is trained to be extremely empathetic while still getting to the bottom of the cause of your pain. This is especially true if you were hurt in an accident. Our goal is not to have you on the phone forever, but to get a good idea of the problem and how it occurred so that we can recommend the best options for you. Among the first questions, you can expect, is whether or not you are bleeding. If you are bleeding we will want to know the extent of the bleeding as this will help us to make a determination of whether you should be coming into our office or should be heading to an emergency room to stop the bleeding. We will advise you on what steps to take with regard to stopping the bleeding on your way to our office along with how to prevent the tooth from getting infected. Another question you can expect is whether or not the tooth or teeth, are still attached or if it has become dislodged. We ask this because the location of the tooth, and its condition if dislodged, are an important factor in treatment. If the tooth, for example, has fallen out we will need to tell you the best way to transport it to us for reattachment.