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Women under treatment

This generation is obsessed with the idea of beauty, perfection and the aesthetics of everything and there is nothing wrong with that. One should strive to improve themselves and make themselves feel better from the inside out. This is where oral surgery and its aesthetic treatment options come in. Otherwise known as cosmetic dentistry, the professionals in this field focus on the appearance of the mouth, teeth, and smile. They aim to improve oral care for the wellbeing and happiness of their patients. Here are a few:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are among the most common oral surgeries done for aesthetic purposes. Missing or damaged teeth can affect someone’s overall appearance and in order to correct this, individuals often choose to get dental implants. In order for the dental implant to be placed, dentists require that their patient comes in for a consultation. The scope of the damage is assessed and from there, the dentist is able to determine the best possible angle from which to attack the problem.

Small incisions are made into the jaw, in which small titanium screws are then placed. These screws will act as support for a crown and will keep the “false teeth” into place. The best part about this type of oral surgery is that the implants are not easily detectable unless a patient points it out to peers. The only drawback, however, is that special care and maintenance will be needed to ensure that the dental implant lasts as long as it should, and looks as good as possible.

Composite Bonding

For patients with decayed, damaged or discolored teeth, composite bonding is a great oral surgery to undergo. This procedure involves drilling out any tooth decay and then the application of a composite to the tooth’s surface. Afterward, a material is sculpted to just the right shape then cured by a high-intensity light. The overall appearance of the teeth will improve after just one visit, and it’s priced at a relatively low cost.


Extractions involve the removal of a tooth or teeth from the mouth. Some reasons for removing teeth include tooth decay, an impacted wisdom tooth or overcrowding. For aesthetic purposes, a tooth or even multiple teeth are removed to create space. It’s also useful for alignment in orthodontic procedures such as getting braces to align the teeth.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Sometimes, for reasons beyond one’s control, the jaw grows misaligned. This can lead to speech problems, sleep apnea, facial disfiguration, and other problems that are associated with chewing. To correct this issue, a set of X-rays will have to be taken in order to determine how to approach the jaw during surgery. Computer visual imaging may also be used to show how the jaw will look after surgery is complete. Corrective jaw surgery moves the jaw and teeth into more suitable positions and improves the patient’s overall appearance.

To determine if oral surgery is the best option for you, you should consult a dentist who specializes in cosmetic oral surgery. A cosmetic dental professional will be able to fully assess your case and advise you on your next steps.

If you still have unanswered questions, reach out to us today. We’re always happy to assist in maintaining a healthy smile!

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