Preparing for Dental Implant Surgery

Dental surgery is a procedure that can be quite intimidating for a patient, especially one who’s not too eager to go under the needle. A lot of patients may barely be able to sleep on the eve of their procedure because their minds may form graphic images of all that could go wrong.

The good news for such patients is that dental surgery is not as terrifying as it might be made out to be. There is, however, the need to prepare psychologically in order to shake off the fear and be of sound mind as you head into the procedure room. If a person is scheduled for dental surgery, it's best that they not go in nervous or shaky.

Preparing for dental implant surgery

The following tips will, therefore, help inform the patient of how they should prepare for the big day. 

Treat yourself

Having a major surgical procedure done is a big deal, especially when it's a dental surgery. Dental surgery causes a delay in normal eating habits and sometimes even the ability to talk normally. A person's speech might cause discomfort initially. It's important to spend the day before the surgery, eating what you may miss, or even just having a day to prepare mentally.

Be familiar with the place

In case the dentist performing the surgery is not known to you, it may be best to familiarize yourself with the place beforehand. Find out where the clinic is located and read up about the dentist. Knowing the location will assure you on the day of, that it isn't a new place. Reading up about the dentist performing your procedure will aid in the anxiety of not knowing them. 

However, if a person is familiar with the dentist performing the surgery, then talk with them about the anxieties and fears that come along with the procedure. Dentists are trained to work with their patients so that they feel comfortable.  

Plan to be on time

It’s important to be on time for the procedure. Getting there before the scheduled time will even be better since it will help you recollect, calm your nerves and prepare for the procedure psychologically. Being early may also give you an advantage to talk with the dentist beforehand about the procedure and any fears that you may have. 

Prepare some after food

Preparing meals right after a procedure may be too involved. Be proactive and prepare soft meals for yourself, so that you can spend the hours after the procedure, relaxing. Soft textured foods like pasta, smoothies, and soups will do. It would be best to juice some fruits and vegetables as well. The nutrients in fruits and vegetables are vital in the healing process.

Observe fasting hours

It’s important to be on an empty stomach during the surgery in case there is sedation involved. Ask the dentist how many hours of fasting will suffice for this to work out well. 

Ask questions

You’ll be surprised at how much asking questions will help the nerves to relax and calm down. Having more information about the procedure will help reassure a person. Go ahead and ask the dentist all of the questions that might have come up. It's important for the patient to feel secure and safe, and talking with the dentist beforehand will help ensure that. 

Get a ride home

Most involved surgeries do not allow the patient to do anything major after surgery, this also includes driving. Find a relative or friend who is willing to lend a helping hand. This is especially important if the patient will be under sedation during the procedure.

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