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Looking for more information regarding dental implant surgery? Good idea. The more you understand about the entire dental implant process, the more likely you are to experience success. This option for replacing missing teeth is one that is growing in popularity every day as more people who are missing teeth learn about the many benefits that come with this tooth-replacement option. Dental implants are a permanent option that looks and acts just like a natural tooth, which makes them easy to care for.

About the Dental Implant Surgical Process

Wondering what is involved when undergoing dental implant surgery? The patient will first be given an anesthetic. The dental professional will then make a small hole in the jawbone in order to insert the implant. Part of the gum will be placed over the implant so that it can fully and properly heal, which usually takes a few months. Once the implant has fully healed, the abutment is attached to the implant, another surgical process. It will take another four to six weeks for patients to heal from this second process.

Recovering From Dental Implant Surgery

The following is a list of details that every dental patient will need to follow after having one or more dental implants surgically placed in their mouth.

The first day

The first hour following surgery requires patients to carefully yet firmly bite down on gauze to control any bleeding. After one hour, the gauze can be slowly removed to ensure that the bleeding has indeed stopped. If the site is still bleeding, the gauze should be left in place for another 30 minutes. It is important for the patient to try not to disturb the site during this first day. Gently brushing the teeth should be done, as well as gently swishing the mouth with saltwater. The patient needs to make sure to rest this first day, which means they should not engage in strenuous activities.

The dentist will often offer the patient pain medication immediately following surgery. Because pain medication can affect patients in different ways, it is recommended that all patients discuss this with their dental professional before undergoing surgery. Some patients will only require over-the-counter pain medications to help them deal with any discomfort or pain.

The Second and Third Day

Patients can expect to experience some swelling during the first few days following surgery. Placing a cold pack on the area will help to reduce the swelling. When cold packs are necessary, they should be applied for 20 minutes and then removed for 20 minutes, alternating until the patient feels like the swelling is going down. Rinsing the mouth with salt water two to three times a day helps keep the mouth clean. Using lip balm to soothe dry lips is also recommended.

Overall Diet Instructions for Recovery

When recovering from dental implant surgery, patients need to eat soft foods that are high in nutrients. Foods to avoid include anything that can get stuck in the surgical site, like sunflower seeds and popcorn. They should avoid eating very hot foods or using a straw for the first week.

Are You Ready to Undergo the Process?

Now that you understand more about the dental implant surgery recovery process, are you able to dedicate the time necessary to rest and fully recover? The entire dental implant process is one that needs to be closely followed in order for you to the best results from your treatment. It is a surgical process and therefore requires you to carefully follow all aftercare instructions so that the implants will heal correctly. Ready to make a consultation appointment?

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