Restorative Dental Treatments


Restorative dental treatments encircle all departments and disciplines in dentistry that offer services which seek to achieve and restore optimum dental functionality, health and aesthetic value. The professionally accepted term for all activities carried out in the restorative management of oral health is prosthodontic dentistry.

In the modern world, there are several options available to both dental experts as well as members of the public seeking to improve the condition of their teeth. The array of available options for restorative dental treatments presents many benefits for the patient as well as the oral health professional.

Types of restorative dental treatments

All procedures carried out in restorative dentistry involve the diagnosis, treatment and management of oral conditions that affect gums, teeth and jaws. Some of the available restorative dental treatments are outlined below.

1. Dental implants

Implants provide an effective solution for patients who have lost their teeth due to a disease or an injury. The dentist embeds titanium posts into the jawbone and uses them as a replacement for natural roots. A crown is then attached to the implant.

2. Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are an effective restorative measure for people who have chipped, cracked or damaged teeth. Crowns are cemented as support structures for the part of the tooth lying above the gums.

3. Dental Bridges

Bridges are used as a restorative dental treatment for patients who suffer from missing teeth. The replacement teeth are used to replace gaps in a person's smile. The bridge is often attached to the crowns that are placed on the teeth that are closest to the gap on both sides.

4. Dentures

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. The composition of dentures consists of acrylic resin sometimes used in combination with metallic elements. Full dentures replace all of a person's teeth while partial dentures are only used when a person is missing a few teeth.

5. Fillings

Fillings are the most commonly applied type of restorative dental treatment. Human teeth may be filled with metals such as silver, platinum and gold, or composite resin fillings made from plastic materials.

Benefits of restorative dental treatments

Restorative dentistry has numerous significant benefits to the patient's health and confidence. Some of the benefits include:

1. Improved Appearance

Restorative dental treatments are useful to improve the physical appearance of the patient, especially their smiles. Fixing broken, chipped or missing teeth helps an individual to regain the confidence to smile, even in public. Straightened teeth are also an improvement to the outward appearance of a person.

2. Better dental functionality

Restorative dental procedures such as dental bridges come in handy when a patient needs the restoration of their contours. It allows patients to get back to simple things like eating and speaking properly.

3. Conserving tooth structure

Restorative dental treatments allow dentists to treat an individual tooth with cavities and other ailments, which undermine the natural integrity and structure of the tooth. As such, restorative dentistry conserves the physical form and structure of teeth.

4. Overall improvements in oral health

Prosthodontic dentistry is used to restore a patient's teeth to their natural state. Restorative dental treatments reduce the risk of issues such as cavities and gum disease. Keeping teeth healthy improves overall health, and it also increases a person's confidence.

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