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Old woman at the dentist smiling
A same day implant can make a big difference in someone’s life. Losing a tooth can often be a traumatic experience, and so is finding out that it can take up to six months to replace the lost tooth with an implant. Implants are often preferred by those looking to replace a missing tooth due to their many similarities to real teeth.

These are some of the main benefits that draw people to implants over other dental prosthetics:

Implants do not require any form of special maintenance. Good oral hygiene is all the prosthetic needs to remain in excellent condition
Implants keep the patient’s jawbone properly stimulated, preventing bone tissue loss. Other oral prosthetics used to replace missing teeth do not do this
Implants typically look and function like natural teeth. It can be virtually impossible to distinguish an implant from a real tooth without using dental equipment

What to Expect When Getting a Same-Day Dental Implant

The procedures used to place same-day implants are less invasive than those used for conventional implants. The procedure typically starts with a consultation with a dentist. During this visit, the oral professional will go over the patient’s medical history as well as any medication they are taking. Habits like alcohol and tobacco consumption are also explored during this visit.

Diagnostic tests like X-rays and digital imaging are used to evaluate how healthy the patient’s jawbone is. Implants have to be embedded in bone tissue, so it is essential that the patient has enough bone tissue to hold the prosthetic in place. Once the patient has been cleared, a date will be set for the treatment.

The Implant Procedure

A local anesthetic will be administered before the dentist places the implant in the patient’s jawbone. The implant is a metal rod or screw that is drilled through the gum tissue and into the patient’s jaw.

This typically concludes the end of the installation for traditional implants, but for same-day implants, there is one important thing left to do. A crown is attached to the external-facing end of the implant, instantly restoring the person’s smile. The patient walks out of the dentist’s clinic looking like they never lost a tooth.

Recovery From the Procedure

While same-day implants immediately restore the appearance of a patient’s smile, it is important to note that osseointegration still needs to take place to complete the treatment. This is the process of bone tissue fusing with the implant, forming a strong bond with it. When conventional implants are installed, the dentist waits for the fusion process to be completed before attaching a crown to the implant. With a same-day implant, the crown is placed immediately, but the healing process can last up to six months.

Patients are usually advised to stick to a liquid diet for the first two weeks after getting a same-day implant. Semi-solid foods are recommended after that period until the jaw bone has fully fused with the implant.

Restore Your Smile Today

Dealing with a missing tooth? The same day implant may be able to restore your smile quickly and conveniently.

Request an appointment or call Beltran Dental Surgery at 813-373-4573 for an appointment in our Temple Terrace office.

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