Same Day Teeth Restoration

Looking for information on your same day teeth options? New dental technologies now allow for patients to get any crowns they may need for their good oral health in only one dental visit. The fact that many dental procedures will take at least two or three different dental appointments in order for their procedure to be completed can deter many people from even starting the procedure. People are busy these days, and the thought of taking off so much time from their regular schedule is not always an option. If you would like information on how you can get crowns in only one day, read on!

Same day teeth restoration

Restoring teeth in jeopardy back to their healthy state can easily be done due to modern teeth restoration services now available. Crowns are one of the more common dental restoration options available for restoring teeth and are used to make teeth stronger.


A dental crown is shaped like a tooth and is placed over a natural tooth in order to make it stronger. Dental crowns are also aesthetically pleasing, which means they easily blend in with the rest of the teeth, making for a more natural-looking smile. Because crowns are bonded to the tooth, they are considered to be a permanent solution.


CEREC technology is able to offer dental patients advanced teeth restoration options in a much quicker time frame when compared to traditional methods. When a same day tooth restoration appointment is made, an experienced dentist will take a dental impression of the tooth so a custom crown can be made while the patient waits. When the custom crown is finished, it will then be placed into the mouth, allowing for a complete restoration in only one day.

Because CEREC technology is digital, there is no need for bite impressions. If any adjustments need to be made to the custom crown to guarantee a perfect fit, they will be made right then and there.

Ready to find out about your teeth restoration options?

We know you are busy, which is why we offer same day teeth restoration options. If you are not sure whether you need crowns or something else, then making a consultation appointment is your next step. One of our caring dentists will perform a mouth examination and let you know whether you are a candidate for a same day restoration. We can make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you, so please do not hesitate to call us today so you can get back on track to your good overall oral health.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Beltran Dental Surgery, request an appointment in our Temple Terrace dental office here: Or call us at (813) 430-0930.

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