Same Day Teeth: What You Need To Know

Have your smile restored with minimal fuss

Same day teeth are a lifesaver. Whether your tooth is missing or damaged, you only want to have your smile restored as fast as possible. Same day teeth can make your wish come true. There are same-day solutions for dental implants, dental bridges and crowns.

To find out if same day teeth are a good choice for you, read on.

Common same day options

1. Same day dental implants

A dental implant is made up of a titanium rod that attaches to the jaw. With time, the jaw heals and bone tissue grows back around the implant, holding it in place. After the jaw heals, a crown, bridge or a set of dentures can join the implant.

If the patient has adequate amounts of jawbone tissue, it only takes a single day to carry out this process. So, who qualifies for same day dental implants? Moreover, what are the advantages and drawbacks of having the procedure done in a single day?

The perfect candidate for same day dental implants is a healthy person with good oral hygiene and healthy gums, jaws and teeth. Smokers, people with oral health issues and people with chronic illnesses are typically not eligible for same day teeth. Neither are people who grind their teeth.

The process of getting same day implants goes like this:

  1. Dentists remove the tooth.
  2. They then install an implant by fixing it to the jaw.
  3. Patients receive a crown in the case of immediate-load dental implants

It only takes a single surgery to conduct this procedure, and there is no re-opening of the gum to put in an abutment. While the jawbone tissue grows around the artificial root, the gum grows around the crown for a more natural look.

A person who gets an immediate load implant must take excellent care of it. Any shifting of the implant can lead to complications.

2. Same-day crowns

A crown is a cap that fits over a damaged tooth. Usually, the process of putting in a crown takes two visits to the dentist; one to prepare the tooth for the permanent crown, and another to fit the crown. The two trips usually are weeks apart because of the time needed for the prepared tooth to recover and for fabrication of the crown.

A same-day crown requires only a single procedure. The damaged tooth is cleaned and prepared for the crown. The dentist then makes a porcelain crown as the patient waits. Finally, they fit the crown, and the patient goes home with a fully restored tooth.

Though same-day crowns save time, they are made of porcelain. They are weaker than traditional crowns made in a lab since these contain stronger materials but take longer to fabricate. Not every dental practice has the skills and equipment to install same-day crowns.

Find a qualified dentist; it will make all the difference

Take your time and find a highly recommended dentist who puts in same day teeth all the time. Moreover, remember, a good dentist will tell you whether same-day teeth are a good option for you.

Need same day teeth?

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