Schedule Sleep Dentistry After Your Accident for a Better Experience

Sleep DentistryIn our dental office, we offer sleep dentistry for patients that are experiencing anxiety from visiting the dentist. We have found that many adults have fears or anxiety about receiving dental care.  Much of this is caused by a poor childhood experience or the noise, heat and vibration that can be caused by the dental drill.  This can be exasperated after an accident because the injury in and of itself is traumatic.  Those in a car wreck, for example, are already going to be upset and adding significant dental work to the equation can only result in undue stress.

Fortunately, we offer a better solution – sleep dentistry.  Patients of our dental office can sit back, relax and even fall asleep while their dental work is being completed.  This makes it possible to relax and to remain anxiety free.  Given the nature of accidents, we are incredibly cautious to ensure that our patients do not feel any undue stress while we are working on restoring their damaged teeth.  If you think that you will never need these services, it is important to know the facts.
Statistically, the likelihood of you being in an accident is extremely high.

  • Every year, there are approximately 5.4 million car crashes in the United States.
  • Around 9 million people will visit the emergency room due to slip and fall accidents
  • Over 5 million kids are injured every year while playing sports.

With numbers like these, it is assumed that you will be in some type of accident during your lifetime.  The question then becomes, will your teeth be hurt and who will you call if they are?  Many people make the mistake of visiting the hospital emergency room after a mouth injury.  While the ER doctors are excellent at treating your physical body, they are not trained in dentistry and do not know how to diagnose or treat oral health problems.  While you will be prescribed medication, the actual issue will not be addressed. Our office, on the other hand, offers comprehensive dental care and can address all of the challenges you are having with your teeth after the accident.  Simultaneously, since we are a sleep dentistry office and can ensure that you are entirely comfortable, relaxed, and even sleeping while we fix your teeth.

Here are some of the ways that we can restore damaged teeth after an accident:

If you have suffered dental damage in an accident or due to decay, give us a call.  We can restore your mouth to excellent oral heal while keeping you entirely comfortable.


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