Who Should Perform My Dental Implant Procedure?

Dental implants replace tooth roots and serve as a foundation for the teeth. Many Americans are choosing to get dental implants to maintain their dental health. According to the AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry), the number of people receiving implants is increasing by 500,000 each year. Currently, 10 percent of dentists offer the procedure and its success rate is 98 percent. Many types of dentists offer dental implant procedures. Here are the professionals who should perform dental procedures:

Dental implantologist

A dental implantologist is a specialist in implant dentistry and is dedicated to practicing this particular branch of oral surgery. These doctors have undergone hours of additional training and have extensive experience placing dental implants, and therefore are the best option for a dental implant procedure.

Oral surgeon

Since dental implants are considered a surgical procedure, an oral surgeon is extremely qualified practice this procedure. The surgery will involve attaching the implants to the jawbone, and a person who specializes in surgery will have the necessary experience and skills to do the dental implants. Besides the actual procedure, they will also be able to perform any related treatments, such as bone grafting.


Periodontists undergo additional training related to the treatment of gums and the jaw. Generally, a periodontist will be more experienced in these areas compared to a general dentist. Therefore, they may be a better option for the implant procedure due to the surrounding areas of the gums being so close. 

Cosmetic and general dentists

Cosmetic dentists deal more with how the teeth look. There is a greater chance of the cosmetic dentist recommending a natural-looking option instead of options like dentures. A lot of cosmetic dentists use the services of an oral surgeon for implants.

General dentists are more concerned with preventive care and they usually perform only some procedures. However, these days, a growing number of general dentists are opting to use dental implants.

Criteria for selecting a dentist

Expertise is, of course, something to look for when selecting a professional. But there are several other factors that also play a part in selecting a suitable dentist. Patients may enjoy a certain comfort level with a family dentist, or a general dentist, who has performed several checkups and treatments on their teeth; therefore, they may prefer to go to them for a complex procedure as well.

Fitness for receiving dental implants

Generally, anyone who is fit enough for a dental extraction or oral surgery may be fit for the procedure. The gums should be healthy, so they are able to hold the dental implant. Besides current health, the patients should also be committed to maintaining their hygiene and regular checkups.

Fitness is determined on an individual basis for people with certain chronic ailments, who have undergone radiation therapy to certain areas of the body, etc. Therefore, anyone considering a dental implant should discuss their habits, such as smoking, and their medical history with the dentist in detail.


If you are considering dental implants and prefer not to see your regular dentist for the procedure, then it makes sense to visit someone who has the most experience in this area. Dental implantologists and oral surgeons are the most qualified professionals when it comes to placing dental implants. It is important to note that currently, dental insurance does not provide coverage for implants. A medical plan may cover the treatment. 

If you're still curious about receiving dental implants safely, then give us a call today! We're here to help in any way that we can. 

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