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New Set of Teeth in 1 Day

full mouth implants is the Convenient Way to Replace TeethFacing tooth loss? Tired of living with missing teeth? Fearing dentures? Wishing you could eat all the foods you like? Now you can with the revolutionary full mouth implant treatment.

Replace missing, failing or bad teeth with a natural-looking, beautiful solution. Never remove teeth again!

With the revolutionary Teeth in 1 Day treatment, Dr. Beltran can give you a gorgeous smile in just 1 day.

Eat, chew and talk again with confidence again. The full mouth implant treatment, often called Teeth in a Day, allows you to get a new set of teeth and enjoy eating and talking the same day.

Advantages of Full Mouth Dental Implants:

• New teeth in hours
• Long-term investment in health, no need to replace
• Beautiful, secure teeth in one visit
• Smile, talk and eat with confidence
• Prevents bone loss
• Maintain your youthful appearance
• Save time in the dental chair and money

Take the Next Steps!

With all the benefits full mouth implants offer, you might think the process would be complicated, but it’s actually fairly simple. It involves surgically placing the implants in just one visit, accompanied by a couple other short visits for examination and/or follow-up.

Here’s How Treatment works:

1. Consultation – This is when you can find out everything else you need to know about full mouth implants. Your dentist will address all of your personal concerns, such as the final cost so you’re not surprised with any fees. If you’ve decided to get implants, the dentist will create an initial treatment plan for the rest of the process.
2. Exam – During the exam, your dentist will run diagnostics, take images of your mouth and finalize your customized treatment plan. Once everything is ready to go, you’ll be able to schedule your actual procedure.
3. Procedure – This is when the dentist places your implants after giving you anesthesia. The surgical procedure takes a few hours and you’ll be given a temporary set of teeth while your permanent teeth are created (you’ll get those in step 5). Once you’re done, you can immediately start experiencing the look, feel and function of your new teeth.
4. Checkups – You’ll need some time to heal and recover from the procedure and it’ll take anywhere from several weeks to a couple months. Your dentist might suggest softer foods during this step, but either way, the dentist will want you to come in for checkup visits to ensure you’re healing properly.
5. Receiving your permanent teeth – This is when you receiving your new permanent teeth. It simply involves removing your temporary teeth and replacing them with your permanent teeth. Enjoy your new forever smile!

The Cost of Full Mouth Implants

It’s one of the first questions people have when it comes to replacing removable dentures or missing teeth: what does it cost? While it varies from person to person depending on things like oral health and the complexity of the procedure, it is a significant investment. It’s a one-time investment, though, meaning you’ll never need to pay for new teeth again.

Our office accepts patient financing via CareCredit and Lending Club too. Smile now, pay later.

Other solutions, like dentures, require replacement every few years. That can add up over time. Dr. Beltran’s full mouth implant treatment makes the most of your time and money by utilizing innovative and cutting-edge technology. There are also payment plans available and possible insurance compensation, so you can afford and enjoy the new smile.

Before & After

Here’s how your teeth can look after getting the full mouth implant treatment:

before full mouth implants

Missing, failing teeth

after full mouth implants

After treatment

Scheduling Your Consultation

Now that you know all about this, what’s are you waiting for? Scheduling your consultation is your first step toward enjoying a beautiful new smile that lasts forever. Enjoy eating, talking, smiling and more with a permanent set of dental implants.

Dr. Beltran’s experience can be trusted and his follow-up care and attention to your oral health beats corporate dental implant centers. Dr. Beltran is a leader in his field and also teaches implant techniques to other dentists worldwide. He has attained Fellowship status in the International College of Oral Implantology.

Schedule your complimentary implant consultation today! Now taking new patients from Tampa, Temple Terrace, Florida and surrounding areas.

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