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Dental Surgery

Dental or oral surgery is a common form of surgery that many people may not recognize by name. Basically, it involves treating issues in the oral (mouth) and maxillofacial (jaws and face) regions of a patient. This type of surgery is most closely associated with dentists, as it tends to address a variety of mouth-related issues, from facial injuries to the placement of dental implants and dentures.

So what is involved with dental surgery, specifically? What areas does it cover? What are its benefits?
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Common Areas of Dental Surgery

As mentioned before, this form of surgery generally applies to the face, mouth and jaw. Training for this surgery usually takes a minimum of two years and applies to a wide variety of specific issues. Here are some of the dental-related areas it covers:

  • Full mouth reconstruction or implants
  • Dental implants
  • Wisdom teeth management and/or removal
  • All forms of anesthesia administration
  • Facial injuries, mainly those concerning the teeth

There are other areas this surgery includes as well.

Benefits of Dental Surgery

The benefits of visiting a dentist with oral-maxillofacial surgery experience and/or training are vast.

In addition to treating routine issues caused by age and natural decay, they are well equipped for dealing with unexpected traumatic events like accidents. In addition, they can help with passive issues like trouble sleeping, a bad bite or even cancer. Overall, dentists with oral-maxillofacial surgery experience are uniquely trained to benefit people with issues in the facial region.

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